Mining exploration

Surface Diamond Exploration Drilling

Opt for our surface diamond exploration drilling service to guarantee precise and reliable results for your mining project. Specializing in this proven method, we use cutting-edge technologies to extract quality cores, providing you with crucial data on the geological composition of your operating site. Ideal for accessible sites, this service is the preferred choice for comprehensive mineral analyses.

Exploration with Crawler Drill

Need to drill in difficult terrain? Our exploration service with tracked drill is perfect for sites with irregular or uneven terrain. Our mobile equipment offers exceptional flexibility and precision, ensuring you can reach the most remote areas with minimal environmental impact.

Helicopter Drilling

When accessibility is a challenge, our helicopter drilling service comes into play. Capable of quickly deploying drilling equipment by helicopter, this service is ideal for sites that are remote or inaccessible by other means. We guarantee high precision drilling while minimizing our ecological footprint. 

Ice Drilling

When winter conditions make other methods impractical, our ice drilling service takes over. Specializing in extreme environments, this service uses advanced drilling techniques to ensure reliable results, even in the harshest conditions