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In 1987, Chibougamau Diamond Driling opened its own machine shop in order to develop and build a wide variety of drilling parts. This has allowed the company to customize new drilll rigs with better productivity and capacity. Since then, all our diamond drilling fleet has been manufactured by our shop according to our high level of quality and standards. The company currently owns over thirty-five drills; surface, underground and heliportable. Our biggest rig has a drilling capacity of 3000 meters and our heliportable drills can drill as deep as 1000 meters with NQ core size. Our expertise in deep drilling is well known in the industry and our experience in wedging will maximize your chances of drilling according to plan.

We own an important fleet of trucks, bulldozers (HD11, HD16, D6, D7, John Deer 850), trailers, low-bed trailers, loaders, skidders, muskegs.


Our trailer camps are well equipped; we provide satellite or IP phone service, Internet access and T.V.




Drilling on barge Heliportable Deep drilling

We also have two airplanes and one helicopter for transporting equipment and workers.



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