Board of Directors

M. Serge Larouche
President and Administrator

Mr. Larouche began his career in mining exploration over thirty-five years ago by working for Mr. Marcel Larouche, the company's founder as his administrator and his right-hand man. He was promoted to president of the company after Mr. Marcel Larouche, his father, retired. He has a diploma as a diamond drilling trainer, is a licensed aircraft and helicopter pilot. He has been an active member of different mining and exploring associations throughout Quebec and Ontario for many years.

M. Steve Larouche
Vice-President and Administrator

Bachelor's Degree in Administration, Mr. Larouche has been involved in mining exploration for over 30 years. He is a licensed commercial aircraft pilot. He worked in different regions of Quebec and Ontario where he was involved in exploring different metals before taking the job as vice-president and administrator. Mr. Larouche is also an active member of a variety of different mining and exploring associations throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Mrs. Lynda Desgagne

Obtained her Bachelor's degree from Laval University in Administration in 1992, Mrs. Desgagné joined Chibougamau Diamond Drilling Ltd in 1986. She was human resources manager, financial administrator, and was also responsible for health and safety. She's now in charge of  the supervision of all departments and is also a member of L'Ordre des Conseillers de Ressources Humaines Agréés.